I teach the following courses:


  • ESOL Endorsement Courses

    INED 7781 Cultural Issues in Education syllabus icon

    This course is designed to develop a knowledge base about culture, its influence on learning and teaching, and its role in intercultural classroom settings. In this course, prospective ESOL teachers will examine major theories related to educating immigrant students and culturally diverse student body; critically analyze education policy and practice at the institutional level; analyze the sociopolitical context of teaching, and develop new strategies and tools to prepare candidates to resist oppression through advocacy, community engagement, and collaboration within the school context.

     INED 7782 Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers. Syllabus Icon

    This course focuses on the major theories of first and second language acquisition, principles of linguistic systems (e.g. phonology, phonetics, and morphology), and examines these topics drawing on a student-centered approach. Specifically, course content will explore these topics as they relate to classroom-based language learning and implications for schools. In addition, the course material is framed within the current conversations related to literacy, assessment, WIDA English language development standards, and dual-served students.


    INED 7783 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESOLSyllabus Icon

    The purpose of this course is to acquaint candidates with instructional strategies and materials that will help them be effective ESOL teachers. Candidates will work closely with the instructor to conduct directed activities in their own classrooms. If candidates are not teaching in classrooms that include English language learners, the Bagwell College’s Office of Field Experiences will find suitable placements. Methods of lesson planning and implementation of sheltered instruction using the SIOP Method, in conjunction with the concepts of Understanding by Design, and WIDA language assessment, will be studied and implemented in this course. Candidates will spend approximately 40 hours in the field.

    INED 4482 Applied Linguistics for Teachers of English Learners K-5

    INED 4483 Methods and Material for ESOL Teachers K-5

  • TESOL Graduate Courses

    INED 7763 Curriculum Development for English Learners    Syllabus icon

    This course prepares candidates with the historical, theoretical and research-based knowledge to evaluate English language programs and develop curricula for culturally/linguistically diverse P-12 students using the Understanding by Design framework. Candidates critically examine curricula for promotion of critical thinking, language development, content area learning, and learner engagement.  Candidates develop an interdisciplinary, learner-centered, culturally relevant unit that applies Universal Design, Sheltered Instruction, project-based learning/ assessment, arts-based learning, and 21st Century technologies to enhance the engagement and academic achievement of English learners.

    INED 7787 Content Area Reading & Writing for English Learners

    ECE 9900: Dissertation

  • TESOL Support Courses

    INED 6431 Foundations in TESOL

    INED 4431 Foundtions in Teaching English Learners K-5