My research focuses on the investigation of cause-effect-relationships in different fields of Psychology, Media Studies, Information Science, and Education. I am particularly interested in analyzing how different kinds of digital learning environments influence information or knowledge seeking behavior and how individuals and groups adopt to new media. To date, I worked in three different research areas and theoretical frameworks: social learning theories (Bandura, 1977), innovations or technology adoption theories (Rogers, 2005), and the notion of socio-technical systems (Orlikowski, 1992).
I am equally strong and comfortable in using qualitative, as well as quantitative methods. Most of my studies are field studies of action research that benefit organizations that hired me full time or as a consultant. I am a scholar-practitioner and my research is predominantly applied and practical (usability studies, needs assessment, citation analysis, digital ethnography, and case studies).  However, in my dissertation study I used mixed methods to examine social communication technologies adoption inside organizations.
I almost finish the development a model for the integrated and targeted library services and instruction for graduate students using action research design.

My new research project is about teaching research synthesis to graduate students