Lecture courses

Introduction to World History (6 times)

Introduction to World History on-line (4 times)

World History to 1700 (3 times)

Renaissance and Reformation Europe (5 times)

Renaissance Europe (once)

Medieval Europe (3 times)

Origins of the Great Traditions (8 times)

The World Since 1945 (3 times)

War in the Pre-Modern World (twice)

The First World War (team taught with a military historian)


Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar: What is the Relationship Between Past and Present? (funded by NEH Enduring Questions Program)

The World in 1914 (collaborative seminar: instructor of record)

A History of Information (twice: once as graduate seminar, once as senior research seminar)

Crusades and Crusading (senior research seminar)

The Reign of Elizabeth I (senior research seminar)

The Early Reformation (senior research seminar)

The Black Death (senior research seminar; twice)

Herodotus and Thucydides (senior research seminar)

Freshman Honors Great Books Seminar on Epic (collaborative seminar, 4 times)

Historiography (5 times)

Historical Methodology (5 times)

Machiavelli (3 times)

Early Modern Intellectual History

To Hell and Back: the Divine Comedy of Dante (in Italy)