Preethi Titu

Welcome to my website! I am an Assistant professor of Science Education in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at the Bagwell College of Education.

I have a background in teaching at higher education settings as well as K-12 schools and my work focuses on both pre-service and in-service teachers to meaningfully integrate STEM pedagogy into classroom practice. I earned my PhD in STEM Education from the University of Minnesota. My doctoral dissertation focused on "Understanding Teacher Professional Identity Development", where I explored Secondary Science Teacher beliefs and practices through reflective practice. My research interests have focused broadly on isPotraitsues of understanding (i) how teachers' beliefs impact their classroom practice, (ii) teachers' conception of STEM and (iii) teachers' attitudes toward culturally diverse students. I am also passionate about working on preparing culturally responsive science and math educators. I am currently involved for an IES grant project aimed at supporting reform based instruction of AP Chemistry teachers.

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