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I've written about a few of the things I've learned in a career of teaching and learning in the hope that they will help others. Corrections and critical reviews are most welcome.

Making Voice Over PowerPoint Videos  PDF Icon I was asked how I made the narrated PowerPoint videos I used in some classes. Here's how!

"Smart" Short Answer or Fill-Blank Questions for Desire2Learn Brightspace  PDF Icon  Auto-grading in Desire2Learn Brightspace can take a load off the professor’s shoulders, or it can be a burden.  It’s burden when a student gets a short answer or fill in the blank question right but because of fill words, articles, or punctuation the student’s answer fails auto-grading.  You can use regular expressions to add flexible answers to such questions.  Here's how! 

Delay Releasing Quiz Answers and Feedback PDF Icon You have an auto-graded quiz in Desire2Learn Brightspace. You'd like students to see their scores as soon as they submit but you want to release the questions with answers and feedback only after the time to take the quiz has ended to remove the temptation to help other students.  Here's how!

Writing Letters of Reference or Recommendation One of the happier chores that falls to faculty members is that of writing letters of reference and recommendation. If you've never done this before, it could be a daunting experience.

Best Practices for Academic success:  Video icon In this eight-minute video,Brown recalls the advice he gave students in his classes about academic success. Share this one with your students.

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Originally published: 2022-09-17