I am no longer teaching any scheduled courses.

List of courses developed(*) and taught.

Courses listed in italics have been taught at least once entirely online. Many others have a significant online component.

 School of Computing and Software Engineering

 Computer Science

-Introduction to the computing disciplines

-Computer architecture*

-General systems theory*

-Pattern recognition*

-Survey of artificial intelligence*

-Database systems

-Management information systems

-Algorithmic processes

-Theory of computation*

-Formal languages and automata

-Computers and society*

-Programming language concepts*

-Distributed database systems*

-Operating systems

-Data structures*

-Expert systems project*

-Special topics in artificial intelligence*

-Capstone project*

-Special topics in computing in multiple cultures*

-Research methods and presentations*

-Compiler design and construction

-Programming classes in a wide variety of



 Information Technology & Software Engineering

-IT senior seminar*

-Introduction to software engineering for SE


-Professionalism and ethics*


School of Arts and Sciences

 -Information and Research*

-Issues in information management*

-Survey of philosophical thought*

-Philosophy -- animal consciousness*

-Philosophy of mind*

-Feminist philosophy of science*


Science, Technology, & Society Program

-Philosophy of mind and cognitive science*

-Counting and calendars*

-Design in society*

-Images of illness and disability*

-The Internet and American life*

-History of measurement and calculation*

-Cyberspace and the eclipse of nationalism*



 -Introduction to college

-Hitch-hiker's Guide to SPSU*

 This list does not include a variety of continuing education courses, seminars, workshops, and so on that I have developed and taught over the last 35 years. It also does not include undergraduate courses in physics that I taught at Emory University before coming to SPSU.