Capstone projects for Industry



KSU College of Computing and Software Engineering

Capstone Project Overview

The Kennesaw State College of Computing and Software Engineering has a long history of providing students with the necessary skill sets to succeed in industry.  Students participate in deep learning experiences that enhance the knowledge they have gained in the classroom.  The senior capstone project is the final chapter of this experience for our students since they typically complete the capstone experience during the final semester of their senior year.  Students learn to work directly with a client, gather and refine requirements, work cohesively as a team, create an innovative solution or conduct research, manage a project to completion, and present the results to external stakeholders – just as they will be expected to do in their careers in industry.  

The CCSE industry liaison, faculty, and administration work with our industry partners to solicit projects that will enrich the students’ experiences and work directly with the students in a project-based atmosphere. 

There are many goals and benefits our industry partners achieve during a capstone experience, some of which are:

1.     Brand awareness

2.     Recruiting talent in an immersive experience

3.     Research/Ideation

4.     Funding external resources to create unique solutions/prototypes

Depending on the goals of scope of the project our industry partners wish to create, we will customize the agreement for the project. 

Capstone projects consists of 3-5 student team members working for approximately 400-person hours over the course of 12 weeks.  The project sponsor can decide if they wish to have more than one student team working on the project and mentors the students throughout the project.  A faculty advisor and a CCSE project manager are assigned to each team.  The faculty advisor supervises the students in their technical domain area , and the CCSE project manager assists the faculty advisor in monitoring team progress and helps coordinate regular team meetings with the project sponsor. 

If you wish to find out more about sponsoring a capstone project, please contact our CCSE Industry Liaison, Dawn Tatum, at or by phone at 470-578-3797.  To submit a project proposal, please visit