Phys1112 (Introductory Physics II )

Phys2211L (Introductory Physics II Lab)

Phys2211 (Principles of Physics I Lecturer/Recitation)

Phys2211L (Principles of Physics I Lab)

Phys2211H (Honors Principles of Physics I)

Phys2212 (Principles of Physics II Lecture/Recitation)

Phys2212L (Principles of Physics II Lab)

Phys2212H (Honors Principles of Physics II)

Phys3230 (Optics)

Phys3720 (Modern Physics)

Phys4210 (Quantum Physics)

Phys4240 (Solid State Physics)

Phys4410 (Advanced Measurements Laboratory)

Phys 4430 (Capstone Physics Project)