Sandip Das

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Sandip Das Dr. Sandip Das is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. He also serves as the coordinator for the BSEE program, and the Renewable Energy Engineering minor program. Dr. Das received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia, in 2014. He also has four years of industry experience in the power and energy sector.

Dr. Das' research expertise include Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, Thin-film Solar Cells, Solid-State Room-temperature Radiation Detectors, Renewable Energy Harvesting Systems, and Engineering Education. Dr. Das has more than 30 publications in international journals and conference proceedings. His research interests include:
  • Thin film heterojunction solar cells.
  • Optimum energy harvesting from photovoltaic solar panels using novel MPPT techniques.
  • Solid-state high-energy radiation detectors and sensors.
  • Renewable energy harvesting technologies for sustainable IoT sensors and detectors. 
  • Applied electronics for measurement and low-cost instrumentation.
  • Technology enhanced tools and pedagogies for Engineering Education.