Want to Join?

If you’re an undergraduate Biology or Biochemistry (or Biology-related) major at Kennesaw State University, and are genuinely interested in conducting molecular biology research in a model organism such as Drosophila melanogaster, I encourage you to contact me about possible openings in the laboratory.  Please understand that both funds and space are tight, so while I may not have space available immediately, I may have an opening for the following semester.  Previous experience with molecular biology is preferred, but not required.



For all students, a grade of “A” or better in BIOL 1107, 1108, and a grade of "B" or better in 3300 (Genetics) is required.  Genetics (BIOL 3300) can be taken concurrently with permission.  A grade of “B” or better in Developmental Biology (BIOL 4390) is strongly encouraged.

Additionally, students should be able to commit to at least two semesters of work in the Nowak lab (including summers).


Directed Methods (BIOL 3110) credit is available.  In addition to the above course requirements, all BIOL 3110 students will be expected to present their projects as a poster at the Biology and Physics Student Research Symposium.

Directed Study (BIOL 4400) credit is available.  Directed study students must have molecular biology experience.  In addition to the above course requirements, all BIOL 4400 students must prepare a written research proposal detailing the proposed project, including background, experimental design, and expected outcomes.  This proposal must be approved by a committee of Biology and Physics Department Faculty before work can commence on the project.  At the end of the semester, Directed Study students will give oral presentations of their research at the Biology and Physics Student Research Symposium.


The Nowak lab is part of the Master’s in Integrative Biology program at Kennesaw State.  Interested prospective students should contact Dr. Nowak directly for sponsorship in the program.  For more information, and to apply to the program, please click here.