Links to My Research:

Research Questions:

  • Theory of the Entrepreneur
    • What is an entrepreneur?
    • Why do some entrepreneurs perform better than others?
    • Can entrepreneurship be taught?
    • Can entrepreneurship be learned by intelligent machines?
  • Theory of the Firm
    • What is a firm?
    • Why do some firms perform better than others?
    • What determines the boundaries of a firm?
    • Are some firms more entrepreneurial than others?
    • Do entrepreneurial firms perform better?
    • Do firms get less entrepreneurial over time?
    • Can firms become more entrepreneurial?
  • Entrepreneurial Economics
    • What is the role of entrepreneurship in the economy?
    • Can an economy function well without entrepreneurs?
    • Can simple rules explain complex patterns in the economy?
    • Which rules should we follow?


  • Agent-based models
  • Multivariate methods on primary and secondary data
  • Content analysis
  • Experiments
  • Surveys
  • Case studies
  • Participant observation