Research in Dr. Ashuri's Multiphysics Modeling and Design Optimization Laboratory is highly interdisciplinary, and it ranges from modeling the flow field, composite structures, optimal control algorithms, optimization theory, machine learning, and uncertainty quantification. Both the theoretical development and the application of these theories to solve real engineering problems are the focus of the lab. The lab has active research projects in the following areas:

  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Physics-Based Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
  • Uncertainty Quantification of Engineering Structures
  • Optimal Controls of Energy Systems
  • Wind Farm Power and Loads Optimization using Yaw Controls
  • Modeling, Design and Optimization of Soft Robots
  • Machine Learning in Design of Intelligent Mechanical Systems

We gratefully acknowledge the continued funding support from NASA and NIH to support the lab's research activities.

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