• Abstract:The Influences of Sales Compensations, Management Stringency and Ethical Evaluations on Product Recommendations Made By Insurance Brokers
  • Attracting Graduates to Sales Positions and the Role of Faculty as a Knowledge Broker
  • Abstract: Examining the Influence of Job Resourcefulness on Sales Performance
  • Abstract: The Impact of Salespeople's Relational Behaviors and Organizational Fairness in Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study in B-to-B Relationships
  • Establishing, Growing, and Running a Sales Program: An Analysis of Certified University Sales Centers


  • Aflac 2015 Kown Regional Kick-Off - Sales: An Honorable Profession
  • 2014 Atlantic Marketing Association Conference - The Efficacy of the NCSC and Other Collegiate Sales Competitions
  • Marketing Management Association Fall Educators' Conf. - Growing Marketing Majors: From Sales Class to Sales Center
  • Coles Brown Bag Series - Into the Mind of the Seller: Using Neurophysiological Tools to Understand Sales Techniques
  • Marketing Educators Association Spring Conference - Sales Education & Training, Special Issue, JME