Research Interests:

Analog circuit design

Circuit and system modeling and simulation

RF and communications systems

Wireless power transfer


Advisees (ECET 7504 Research and ECET 7704 Project):

Yuhua Hu - Wirelessly Connected Sensor Acquisition System for Remote Nursing Application (ECET 7704 Spring 2015)

Fouad Abu-Akel - Remote Wake-up Device for Embedded Computer (ECET 7704 Fall 2014)

Angelique Mosley - Synthetic Aperture Radar Analysis and Image Formation Processing (Fall 2014)

Jeffrey Cole - Investigation of the Performance of a Simple MPLS Wide Area Network Model (ECET 7704 Spring 2013)

Sean Ahonen - Potential Ultra-Wideband Passive Mixer for use in Millimeter Wave Radar Warning Receivers (Summer 2012)

Nikhil Rukmabhatla - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Summer 2012)

Shawn Bahramy - Reducing Electrical Noise in Audio Systems (Spring 2012)

David Darko-Mensah - Performance Analysis of IPv4-to-IPv6 Transition Mechanisms in a Content Delivery Network (ECET 7704 Fall 2011)

Ruhull Bhuiyan - Wireless Power Transfer in Sensor Networks (Fall 2009)

Walter Stuart - Adaptive Antennas (Spring 2009)

Mehul Laliwala - Direct Digital Control of HVAC Systems (Spring 2009)

Aaron Loggins - Superheterodyne FMCW Radar Receiver for 2.4 GHz Operation (Fall 2008)

J. Spence Lankford - Applications for Computer Virtualization (Fall 2008)

Jerrick Torbert - Fiber Optic Sensors (Spring 2008)

Minh Phan - Switching Power Supply Efficiency (Spring 2008)

Anuj Kumar - Software Defined Radio (Spring 2007)

James Fraley - Compact Range Reflector Edge Treatment (ECET 7704 Spring 2006)

Roy Jarnigan - A 2.4 GHz Transceiver for Experimentation With FMCW Short-Range Radar Signal Processing (ECET 7704 Spring 2006)

Chaitanya Deosthale - Telemedicine: a Mote-Based Data Acquisition System for Real Time Health Monitoring (Fall 2005)

Mehmet Yilmaz - Class E Amplifiers (Spring 2005)

Kavita Vellanki - Intrusion Detection Systems (Spring 2005)

Priscilla McCoy - CAN Bus (Fall 2004)

Marshall Hopkins - RF Oscillators (Spring 2004)

Trupti Desai - Wireless LAN Security (Spring 2004)

Jyotsna Lingam - Security of Wireless Local Area Networks Using IPSec VPN and IEEE 802.1x Standards (Fall 2003)

David Ouzts - Study of Implementation of DSP for Software Defined Radio (Fall 2003)

Tung Tran - Bluetooth Technology (Fall 2003)

Hector Rolan - Synthetic Aperture Radar Theory, Principles, and Applications (Spring 2001)