Ali Keyvanfar

Dr. Keyvanfar is a full-time faculty, also a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Kennesaw State University (KSU). He is an experienced academician, R&D project manager, start-up investment advisor, and international professional consultant with close to ten years of record in sustainable construction engineering and management (by method and material).
Dr. Ali


Current highlight: Dr. Ali is serving as the leading guest editor of special issue entitled "Rethinking Social Sustainable Construction Practices"  for publication with the Journal of "Sustainability" (EISSN 2071-1050, by MDPI AG) (LINK)(Flyer)






His experience as a leading investigator covers topics addressing construction industry challenges in Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Ecuador, and the USA. Dr. Ali as a PI/Co-PI; developed several patented and trademarked award-winning research products and services, published more than 50 publications (where 80% have been included in high-ranked journals), and secured several multi-disciplinary international research funds totaling over $1.9M. He is a dedicated team member as well as a team leader with intending attention to support diversity in global scientific communities. 

  • Online profiles:
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  • Research Impact: 
    • Publications: 80+,
    • Readers: 60,000+ ,
    • Citations: 700+,
    • H-index: 16,
    • i10-index: 29,
    • Publication reviewer: 200+
    • Startup mentor: 200+
    • Intellectual Property (IP): 10+, 
    • Licenced IP: 5+,
    • Research Projects: 25,
    • Research fund: $1.9 mil+,
    • Innovation Gold Medal: 10+,
    • Co-author: 75+,
    • Graduates: 10+,
    • Industry project: 10+
  • KSU affiliations:
    • KSU CMD full-time faculty
    • Member of KSU Institutional Review Board 2019-2022
    • Faculty advisor to NAHB student chapter 2019-2020
    • Faculty advisor to AGC student chapter 2019-2020
    • Faculty advisor to NAHB student competition 2019-2020
    • Faculty advisor to AGC/ACS commercial competition 2019-2020
    • Faculty advosor to KSU Roofing Alliance Construction Management Competition team 2019-2020
    • Course coordinator for "CM 3400 Risk & Quality management"
  • External affiliations (current and past):
    • CIFAL Atlanta, United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR)
    • Center for Energy Research, University of California San Diego (UC San Diego)
    • Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET)
    • MIT Sustainable city program (MIT-UTM MSCP program) 
    • Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial (UTE-Ecuador)
    • KiA (South Korea)
    • University Technology Malaysia (UTM)
  •  Awards: 
    • International Gold Medal & Special Award of iCAN2017, Canada (ZEC panel), UTM, UTE, & Qatar Uni.
    • World Material Science Grand Award, Would Scientist Awards 2016, Korea
    • Order of merit in “Environmental design” research- World Inventors Award Festival 2016, Korea 
    • Green Research Award nominee, Qatar Sustainability Award, Qatar green building council(ZECpanel) UTM, Qatar Uni.
    • KIA, WIA, and AIA special awards of 7th CIGIF2016,  Korea (nDConRep, SSUT, ZEC panel) UTM, &Qatar Uni.
    • International Gold Medal (3 categories) of 7th CIGIF2016,  Korea (nDConRep, SSUT, ZEC panel) UTM,&Qatar Uni.
    • International Gold Medal (2 categories) of 27th ITEX 2016, Malaysia (EISMS, Padfooting) UTM
    • International Gold Medals (3 categories) &  PolyU special award- SIIF 2015, Korea (CoolingWall, Suscrete, PAWDEX)
    • International Gold Medal of 26th ITEX 2015, Malaysia (Suscrete)  UTM
    • National Gold Medals (2 categories) of 9th MRC 2014, Malaysia (PAWDEX, Suscrete) UTM
    • Gold Medal & Jury Award- 16th INATEX 2014, Malaysia (Suscrete)  UTM
    • Gold Medal & Best Innovation Award-15th INATEX 2013, Malaysia (Palm Ecocrete)
    • Best Ph.D. gradute award 2013 (FKA, UTM)
    • International Doctoral Fellowship award 2012 (UTM)
      International Doctoral Fellowship award 2011 (UTM)
      International Doctoral Fellowship award 2010 (UTM)