Ali Keyvanfar

Dr. Ali is a full-time Professor in Construction Management, also a DGA-SDG faculty at CIFAL Atlanta. He is an experienced academician, R&D project manager, journal editor, start-up investment advisor, and international consultant with close to ten years of record in sustainable construction engineering and management (by method and material). Dr. Keyvanfar is a dedicated team leader with a current focus on diversity in research.

Dr. Ali


Current highlight

Dr. Ali is serving as the leading guest editor of special issue entitled "Rethinking Social Sustainable Construction Practices"  for publication with the Journal of "Sustainability" (EISSN 2071-1050, by MDPI AG) (LINK)(Flyer)

Dr. Keyvanfar serving as a guest editor of special issue entitled ": Urban Physics and COVID‐19 Pandemic Risk Management" for publication with the "ASCE, Journal of Urban Planning and Development" (EISSN: 1943-5444, by ASCE) (LINK)(Flyer)



His experience as a leading investigator covers topics addressing construction industry challenges in Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Ecuador, and the USA. Dr. Ali as a PI/Co-PI; developed several patented and trademarked award-winning research products and services, published more than 50 publications (where 80% have been included in high-ranked journals), and secured several multi-disciplinary international research funds totaling over $1.9M. He is a dedicated team member as well as a team leader with intending attention to support diversity in global scientific communities. 

  • Online profiles:
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  • Research Impact: 
    • Publications: 90+,
    • Readers: 70,000+ ,
    • Citations: 1000+,
    • H-index: 20,
    • i10-index: 35,
    • Publication reviewer: 200+
    • Startup mentor: 200+
    • Intellectual Property (IP): 10+, 
    • Licenced IP: 5+,
    • Research Projects: 28,
    • Research fund: $1.9 mil+,
    • Innovation Gold Medal: 10+,
    • Co-author: 75+,
    • Graduates: 10+,
    • Industry project: 10+
  • KSU affiliations:
    • KSU DGA-SDG Faculty 2020-2021(CIFAL Atlanta)
    • Member of KSU Institutional Review Board 2019-2022 (OoR)
    • Faculty advisor to NAHB student chapter 2019-2020
    • Faculty advisor to AGC student chapter 2019-2021
    • Faculty advisor to NAHB student competition 2019-2020
    • Faculty advisor to AGC/ACS commercial competition 2019-2021
    • Faculty advosor to KSU Roofing Alliance Construction Management Competition team 2019-2021
    • Course coordinator for "CM 3400 Risk & Quality management"
  • External affiliations (current and past):
    • CIFAL Atlanta, United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR)
    • Center for Energy Research, University of California San Diego (UC San Diego)
    • Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET)
    • MIT Sustainable city program (MIT-UTM MSCP program) 
    • Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial (UTE-Ecuador)
    • KiA (South Korea)
    • University Technology Malaysia (UTM)
  •  Awards: 
    • International Gold Medal of iCAN2020, Canada (CNRM), KSU.
    • International Gold Medal & Special Award of iCAN2017, Canada (ZEC panel), UTM, UTE, & Qatar Uni.
    • World Material Science Grand Award, Would Scientist Awards 2016, Korea
    • Order of merit in “Environmental design” research- World Inventors Award Festival 2016, Korea 
    • Green Research Award nominee, Qatar Sustainability Award, Qatar green building council(ZECpanel) UTM, Qatar Uni.
    • KIA, WIA, and AIA special awards of 7th CIGIF2016,  Korea (nDConRep, SSUT, ZEC panel) UTM, &Qatar Uni.
    • International Gold Medal (3 categories) of 7th CIGIF2016,  Korea (nDConRep, SSUT, ZEC panel) UTM,&Qatar Uni.
    • International Gold Medal (2 categories) of 27th ITEX 2016, Malaysia (EISMS, Padfooting) UTM
    • International Gold Medals (3 categories) &  PolyU special award- SIIF 2015, Korea (CoolingWall, Suscrete, PAWDEX)
    • International Gold Medal of 26th ITEX 2015, Malaysia (Suscrete)  UTM
    • National Gold Medals (2 categories) of 9th MRC 2014, Malaysia (PAWDEX, Suscrete) UTM
    • Gold Medal & Jury Award- 16th INATEX 2014, Malaysia (Suscrete)  UTM
    • Gold Medal & Best Innovation Award-15th INATEX 2013, Malaysia (Palm Ecocrete)
    • Best Ph.D. gradute award 2013 (FKA, UTM)
    • International Doctoral Fellowship award 2012 (UTM)
      International Doctoral Fellowship award 2011 (UTM)
      International Doctoral Fellowship award 2010 (UTM)