McMurry Lab

In the McMurry Lab, we pride ourselves not only on the awesome experiments we do and the exciting discoveries we make, but also on the quality of training, mentoring and peer teaching that we do. McMurry minions develop foundational biochemical, cell biology and microbiology skills and get cutting edge training in intermolecular interaction analysis, confocal microscopy and  tissue culture. McMurry Lab alumni are engaged in professions from medicine to basic research to industry. We're very proud of our record -- see below to see where our alumni have gone and what they are doing today. Science is fun and we aim to keep it that way, but we are serious about it and getting students to where they want to go in life.

We are always looking for talented, motivated and ambitious students who want a serious research experience. As far as I know, I'm the only professor in the country crazy enough to turn undergrads loose on SPR and BLI biosensors. Interested students are encouraged to get in touch with me.

Squash ChampsMcMurry's Minions


Jonathan McMurry, PI and Spirit Guide


Dr. Julia LeCher, Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Daniel Morris, Research Associate Professor

Lydia Wade, Research Associate

Grad Students

Krista Barbour, MSIB '20 (co-supervised with Dr. Griffin)

Maria Mbugua, MSCB '20

Laura-Maria Oja, MSCB '20

Michael Woods, MSIB, '21


Carrie Lyn Barron, Biology, '21

Louis "Big Tuna" Deavers, Biology, '22

Hope Didier, Biology, '20 (2018 Birla Carbon Scholar, Birla Carbon Award)

Emma Henry, Biology, '21 (2019 Birla Carbon Scholar)

Steven Ho, Biology, '19

Blake Langefels, Biology, '21

MacKenzie Kennedy, Biology, '21

Shan Malek, Biology, '21

Comfort Orekoya, Biology, '19

Abeer Osman, Biology, '20

Thad "Buzz" Suggs, Biochemistry, '22


Alumni (aka The Pantheon of the Graduated)


Melissa Bentley, Research Associate (UAB Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Ph.D. Program)

Allison Healey, Research Associate (Miss. St. Biomedical Engineering M.S. Program)

Dr. Katy Helms, M.D., Research Associate (Mercer University SoM; Neurology Residency, Wake Forest School of Medicine)

Dr. Takanori Hirano, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor (Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, Japan)

Master of ScienceVerra Ngwa

Kelsey Clearman, MSIB '18 (UAB Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program)

Verra M., Ngwa, MSCB '16 (Vanderbilt University Cancer Biology Ph.D. Program)

Mareena Whisby-Pitts, MSIB '18 (Morehouse Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program)(co-supervised with Dr. Melanie Griffin)

Shaquanna Young, MSIB '18 (UVA Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program)

Bachelor of Science

David Axford, Biology '18 (Edward Via COM, Auburn University, US Navy Health Professions Scholar)

Dr. Lauren (Beasley) Thomas, M.D., Biochemistry '14 (MCG M.D. Program; Residency at Pensacola Sacred Heart Hospital)

Juana Camila Bejarano, Biology, '18 (applying to med school)

Dr. Amber Caldara, Biology '15 (Emory Cancer Biology Ph.D. '19, HHMI Gilliam Fellow, Boston Consulting Group)

Joycelynn Foster, Biochemistry '13 (Indiana U. M.M.A. Program)

Dr. Joshua Francis, Ph.D. Biochemistry '11 (Emory B.C.D.B. Ph. D., Senior Research Scientist, CDC)

Sydney Green, Biology '16 (Morehouse SoM M.D. Program)

Elizabeth Hayes, Biology '15 (UGA Integrated Life Sciences Ph.D. Program)

Stephanie Hill, Biochemistry '13 (UAB Prep, MCG M.D. Program)

Dr. Eric Hoffer, Ph.D., Biochemistry '11 (Emory B.C.D.B. Ph. D. )

Dr. Lewis Kraft, Ph.D., Biochemistry '09 (Ph.D., Vanderbilt Chemical & Physical Biology '15, Senior Scientist, Illumina)

Dr. Martha Kyriacou, M.D., Biochemistry, '07 (Universite Central del Caribe SoM, SUNY Downstate Residency)

Dr. Natalia Kyriacou, M.D., Biochemistry '07 (Mercer University SoM, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Pediatrics Residency)

Ji Lee, Biology, '20 (applying to med school)

Rachel Martini, Biology '15 (UGA Integrated Life Sciences Ph.D. Program)

Kristi Moncja, Biology, '19 (KSU MSCB Program, Van Dyke Lab)

Hannah Moorman '18 (accepted, Mercer University SoM)

Viet Nguyen, Biochemistry '08 (Morehouse SoM, M.S., Mercer U. Pharm. D. Program)

Jonathan Parker, Biochemistry, '09 (Specialist, CDC)

Emma Parks, Biology '18 (admitted to med school)

Dr. Katherine (Rhoades) Smith, M.D., Biochemistry '14 (Mercer University SoM M.D. Program, Emory School of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency)

Dino Romero, Biochemistry '13 (U. Penn. PREP Program, MCG M.D. Program)

Israel Scott, Biochemistry '10 (UGA Biochemistry Ph.D. Program)

Lauren Slaughter, Biology '19 (applying to medical school)

Dr. T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII, Chemistry 1897 (East Alabama A&M Phlogistology Ph.D. Program, Assistant Professor of Phlogistology, KSU Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept.)

Dr. Jo Wilson, M.D., Biochemistry '10 (MCG M.D. '16, Johns Hopkins Pediatrics Residency)