• Hannah Moorman (B.S. '19) made The Waycross Journal-Herald ("South Georgia's Greatest Newspaper) for her appearance on the president's list.
  • Hot off the virtual presses! An old collaboration finally bears fruit. We provided the biosensing expertise to Oli Kerscher's group at William & Mary and his group for their SUMO work. See a cool write up of Oli's work here. Gray, D., Peek, J., Rosenberg, D., Kolla, L., Harvey, C., Levy-Myers, R. McMurry, J.L. and Kerscher, O. (2018) “SUMO targeting of a stress-tolerant Ulp1 SUMO protease,” PLoS One, 13(1):e0191391.



  • Anchors Aweigh! Congratulations to David Axford, who was awarded a U.S. Navy Health Professions Scholarship - full ride to medical school! David Med School






  • Jonathan McMurry gave the Berry College Chemistry Department seminar. It was squatting room only!

Berry College talk

  • The McMurry Group presented seven (!) posters at the GABio Innovation Summit, with Kelsey Clearman taking home the hardware, winning the Anthony Shuker Poster Award! Congrats to Julia LeCher, Emma Parks, Camila Bejarano, Steven Ho, Shaquanna Young and Luke Dickson!


  • Kelsey Clearman and Shaquanna Young presented their work at the Emory Laney Graduate Symposium.


  • Jonathan McMurry has been called up to The Show! Alas, for one day only...Vanderbilt Colloqium


Luke Dickson


  • Jonathan McMurry went on vacation. There was much rejoicing.

Lab June 2017

  • Another McMurry Lab Miracle™! Dr. Josh Francis successfully defended his doctoral thesis June 22 at Emory. Dr. Eric Hoffer was in the crowd of well-wishers. Great to see McMurry Lab alums doing well!

Josh Grad
Josh Talk

  • Kelsey ClearmanMareena Whisby and Shaquanna Young have been accepted to the Emory-Laney Graduate Symposium where they will present their work this October. Congratulations!
  • All of our first year MSIB students have passed their thesis proposals! 'Clearly' in the lead was Kelsey Clearman, who had the good sense to provide her committee with donut-like cupcake thingies and then skated through as committee members slipped into diabetic comas! That's how you pass your thesis proposal!!!