• Jonathan McMurry has been called up to The Show! Alas, for one day only...Vanderbilt Colloqium


Luke Dickson


  • Jonathan McMurry went on vacation. There was much rejoicing.

Lab June 2017

  • Another McMurry Lab Miracle™! Dr. Josh Francis successfully defended his doctoral thesis June 22 at Emory. Dr. Eric Hoffer was in the crowd of well-wishers. Great to see McMurry Lab alums doing well!

Josh Grad
Josh Talk

  • Kelsey ClearmanMareena Whisby and Shaquanna Young have been accepted to the Emory-Laney Graduate Symposium where they will present their work this October. Congratulations!
  • All of our first year MSIB students have passed their thesis proposals! 'Clearly' in the lead was Kelsey Clearman, who had the good sense to provide her committee with donut-like cupcake thingies and then skated through as committee members slipped into diabetic comas! That's how you pass your thesis proposal!!!