Kyung Hun Jung

Professor Kyunghun Jung's Profile Image, Shiprock, New Mexico

[A story for my students...]

The above picture shows Shiprock in northern New Mexico where I studied for a while.

One day, I and my wife (suddenly) decided to find this place and drove without a GPS and internet.  I roughly learned the direction from a map and hit the road, expecting that the more I get closer, the more signs would show up. It was a really long and confusing travel in the beginning. We took wrong paths. We mistakenly saw a few mountains as Shiprock and were disappointed.

But, finally, we saw the small but real image of Shiprock from a distance with our eyes.


Then, the remaining driving, with a destination in our sight, was a joy.

If you are confused and unsure about your future, maybe it is because you cannot see the destination in a reachable distance. My humble opinion is that it is good to experience something similar to what you eventally want to do (e.g., shadowing specific profession at work), so that you can have some idea about what is the thing you want to have and how much you actually like it or dislike it.