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[Book Translation]

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[Under Review]

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The code associated with this manuscript is available here: /kjung2/

The data associated with this manuscript are available here: /kjung2/mydocs/ 



[In Preparation]

Jung, K. Document Summarization by Human Readers: Concept-Structure-Based Approach. Cognitive Science.


Jung, K., Ruthruff, E., & Goldsmith, T. (in preparation). Semantic similarity of documents based on keyword relatedness. Cognition. Associated data are shown below:

1. To retrieve the 50 Australian news articles and the human ratings (Lee et al., 2005; Pincombe, 2004), visit


2. 4486 Background documents came from the same source of the 50 Australian news articles as well as the 50 australian news articles themselves:



3. LSA cosine-similarity scores of the 1225 Australian news article pairs under the optimal parameter setting of [4486 background documents from the same source as the 50 news articles, dimension of 200, and local–global weighting of tf–p-inverse]:



4. Document relatedness ratings replicated for the 22 candidate misjudged document pairs (N = 10):



5. Word-pair relatedness ratings of the 12 misjudged document pairs (Experiment 2):



6. Keyword selection data across the 50 news articles (Experiment 3):



7. Keyness score of each word within each document across the 50 news articles (Experiment 3):