Ph.D. Plant and Soil Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. Fall 2009
M.S. Environmental Studies, Ohio University. Athens, OH. 2001
B.S. Engineering, Tufts University. Medford, MA. 1997

Recent Publications

Akins II, E.A., Giddens, E., Glassmeyer, D., Gruss, A., Kalamas Hedden, M., Slinger-Friedman, V., and Weand, M.P., 2019. “Sustainability Education and Organizational Change: A Critical Case Study of Barriers and Change Drivers at a Higher Education Institution” Sustainability 11:501
Arthur, M.P., G.M. Lovett, K.C. Weathers, M.P. Weand, and W.C. Eddy, 2017. “A beech bark disease-induced change in tree species composition influences forest floor acid-base chemistry. Canadian Journal of Forestry 47(7): 875-882
Chapman*, M.E., M.P. Weand, and E. Dickenson, 2014. Dendrochronology and air pollution in Fernbank Forest, Atlanta, Georgia. Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society 9(1-2):3-10


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