My current research interests and writing projects investigates representations of African Americans in the field of composition and rhetoric and how online composition courses impact student’s writing and identity in virtual classrooms. My research interests and writing projects blend with my interests in creative composition and my interests in academic leadership.

Below is a general overview of how I see my present and future research and academic activities fitting into the Boyer Model:

Scholarship of Discovery

  • Researching and writing about online composition and pedagogy
  • Researching and writing about connections between mentoring and academic success
  • Researching and writing about issues of race in online classroom environment

Scholarship of Teaching

  • Combining composition pedagogy with online technology to teach writing
  • Using computer technology in conjunction with media and visual literacy in the classroom
  • Incorporating learned theoretical knowledge from conferences and research into classroom practice 

Scholarship of Application

  • On-going writing for publication as a teacher of writing
  • Providing writing pedagogy workshops (service) for teachers of writings on a national level 
  • Providing technology and pedagogy workshops (service) and presentations for teachers of writing.