Ahyoung Lee


AHYOUNG LEE received her M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science and engineering from the University of Colorado, Denver .  She was a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology in the BWN Lab under the supervision of Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz with a research project focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN). Currently, she is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. Her research interests focus on modeling and analysis with applications in SDN, Mobile Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, and LoRaWAN; future Internet architecture for improving big data centers, Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet-centric technologies in Cloud/Fog/Edge for network management.

Currently, her research focuses on Green Communication Systems and Networks in the areas of sustainable and green-enabled communications and computing networks, as well as communication and computing technologies enabling other green solutions such as smart grids, green cloud and fog computing data centers, green buildings and green logistics, and smart cities.  Thus, I am a VIP team leader PI for L3BN: Low-Power Low-Cost Long-Range Broadband Networking Lab. If you are interested to join L3BN lab please contact me. 

My GoogleScholar information here.