Research of Intelligent Computing & Networking (ICN) Lab

Areas of Interest

  • Algorithm Design and Analysis –  developing QoS algorithms and data traffic analysis in Low-Power Wide Area Networks, Software Defined Networks, Mobile Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Cloud/Edge/Quantum Computing Networks. 
  • Applied Data Science – developing accurate and dynamic data traffic classification, anomaly detection, and prediction algorithms using AI/ML to improve next-generation computing and networking communications.
  • Green Communication Systems and Networks – developing green-enabled IoTs such as green buildings, green logistics, home security, eHealth systems, etc.


  • Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System for Forecasting Bacterial Levels,
    • Research Activities:
      • NSF Workshop on Sustainable Computing for Sustainability (NSF-WSCS 2024), NSF Alexandria, VA, April 16-17, 2024, Research titled "Intelligent Self-Interference Cancellation for Energy Efficient Self-Healing Network." Student - Jui Mhatre, Advisor - Dr. Ahyoung Lee.

      • The Posters at the Georgia State Capitol, February 20, 2024, Poster presentation titled "Cloud Mobile Architecture with ML Algorithms for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Systems," Students - Mahimna Patel, Samhitha Challagundla Subbarao, Advisor - Dr. Ahyoung Lee.

Poster   Poster studentsGeorgia-capitol-1  



  • Hiring GRA students: I am currently looking for Master/Ph.D students: willing to work in the area of Cloud Networks, Software Defined Networks, Internet of Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems. If interested, please send your CV to me at
  • Requirements: (1) A good programming skill with C++, Java, or Python is needed. (2) Knowledge of computer networks is most welcome. (3) Take the MS or Ph.D. thesis model in CS under my supervision.
  • Implementation tools: ns-3 (ns-2), CloudSim, mininet, Opendaylight, OpenStack