EDSM 9300:Critical Issues for Student Learning: Special Topics

Prerequisite: Permission of the professor and admission to the Ed.S. or Ed.D. program.

A doctoral seminar focused on analysis and problem-solving of a current topic of vital concern relevant to teaching, leading and student learning in schools with a particular emphasis on the contexts of middle and secondary students, classrooms and schools.

EDUC 7797: Capstone in Middle and Secondary Grades Education

Prerequisite: EDRS 8000 and EDUC 7700

This course prepares advanced candidates to work under the supervision of faculty to demonstrate their expertise in a focused area of their teaching field through an independent, research-based capstone project. Candidates will also provide evidence of their efforts to transform their practice based on the specific strategies and knowledge bases developed and/or deepened in the program. Course includes 20-hour field experience in an approved educational setting with middle or secondary students.

EDUC 7750:Differentiation, Academic Language, and Assessment in Middle and Secondary Classrooms

Prerequisite: Admission to M.Ed Program

This course prepares teachers to become responsive educators who know how to improve middle and secondary grades content learning for all students through assessment, differentiation, and academic language, particularly in the service of English learners and students with special needs. Course includes 20-hour field experience in approved educational setting with English learners and/or students with disabilities.

EDUC 7725:Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Content Field

Prerequisite: Admission to graduate study.

This course focuses on preparing expert teacher-leaders to implement research-based best practices of exemplary schools. Course provides extensive examination of learning theories and their application to diverse classrooms. Current renewal and reform initiatives in American schools are examined in depth with the aim of preparing expert teacher-learders for collaborative roles in their school and district.

EDUC 7700:Reflective Inquiry for Transformative Teaching and Learning

Prerequisite: Admission to the M.Ed. program and EDRS 8000

This course introduces advanced candidates to the concepts of reflective inquiry and transformative teaching and learning as key tools to become agents of change. Advanced candidates will learn how to self-assess their own teaching practices, develop a growth plan for transformative teaching based on their reflection, locate quality research related to the issues identified in their own self-assessment, and write a literature review.