I teach Human Sexuality (PSYC 3365), Statistical Applications in Psychological Science (PSYC 3000), and Senior Seminar (PSYC 4499). 

In spring 2022, I will be teaching Human Sexuality and Statistical Applications as hybrids, and Senior Seminar will be fully online with one synchronous meeting per week.

In Human Sexuality, I emphasize evolutionary psychological explanations of human sexual behavior. Numerous guests visit the class face-to-face, via Teams, or on video recording in previous semesters, discussing topics including sexual orientation, gender identity, polyamory, BDSM, asexuality, and sexual violence. Students read two trade paperback books: The Evolution of Desire and Come as You Are, as well as a variety of journal articles. 

In Statistical Applications, rather than having students buy a textbook many don’t read, they read the equivalent material in the form of notes beneath PowerPoint slides. I have set up D2L to provide immediate feedback on most of the quizzes, labs, and worksheets students complete; many report that this is the primary way they learn the course material. 

In Senior Seminar, I teach using the theme of Nature and Nurture, and students complete several papers and presentations. I am planning to begin using peer-review software in the spring for the first time, and I am very excited because it shows great promise for adding to the valuable skill set students take away from a major in Psychological Science. 


Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)

I typically recruit UTAs for each of my classes every semester. I usually recruit UTAs from among students who have completed these courses with me, but I am open to working with students who have completed these courses successfully with other professors. 

Because students typically enroll in Senior Seminar in their final semester at KSU, it is often difficult to find UTAs who have taken the course already and still have at least one semester at KSU. Therefore, I am especially interested in hearing from students who are interested in being UTAs after having completed Senior Seminar. In 2022, I will be teaching Senior Seminar in the spring, so please contact me as soon as possible this fall (2021) if you are interested. 

UTA Requirements: 

·       Psychology major

·       Complete PSYC 2300/2500 with a “C” or better

·       Institutional GPA ≥ 3.0

·       PSYC GPA ≥ 3.0

·       Instructor and Department Chair approval