Current Research

I am currently working on two research projects:

1.     Creating materials to make it easier for students to ensure that they develop skills desired by employers and graduate programs in the course of being undergraduate teaching assistants, undergraduate research assistants, and even during their regular classes.

2.     Surveying faculty about their attitudes toward and behaviors in response to student cheating and plagiarism. 

Past Research

Mate Value and Depression

Self, friends, and lovers: Structural relations among Beck Depression Inventory scores and perceived mate values (Kirsner, Figueredo, and Jacobs, 2003)

Structural relations among negative affect, mate value, and mating effort (Kirsner, Figueredo, and Jacobs, 2009)


Does belief in creationism interfere with success in a course emphasizing evolutionary psychological explanations for human sexual behavior?

What factors influence how people define "having sex" and "being sexual"?

How features of the situation affect reactions to jealousy-inducing situations

Sexual shame

Mate poaching


Effects of depression on exercise behavior

Cheating and Plagiarism