Bruce Thomas

Math 1101: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

LadyCourse Description
Prerequisite: MATH 0098, if required

Math 1101 is an introduction to mathematical modeling using graphical, numerical, symbolic, and verbal techniques to describe and explore real-world data and phenomena. Emphasis is on the use of elementary functions to investigate and analyze applied problems and questions, supported by the use of appropriate technology, and on effective communication of quantitative concepts and results.

The picture above is of Olga Taussky-Todd, a famous 20th century mathematician who specialized in linear algebra. She was born in what is now the Czech Republic and educated in Vienna, Austria. After the Second World War she and her husband (Jack Todd, a British mathematician) emigrated to the United States. They were members of the math faculty at the California Institute of Technology. She is shown "modeling" her favorite mathematical dress. (Read the Wikipedia article with Dr. Taussky-Todd's biography on the Internet.)

Math 1106: Elementary Applied Calculus

NewtonCourse Description
Prerequisite: C or better grade in MATH 1111, MATH 1112 or MATH 1113.

Uses techniques of college algebra and elementary calculus to analyze and model real world phenomena. The emphasis will be on applications using an intuitive approach to the mathematics rather than formal development. Topics include graphs, derivatives, and integrals of functions. The course incorporates collaborative learning, oral and written reports, and technology.

The picture above is of Sir Isaac Newton, the famous British scientist of the 17th and 18th centuries. He is credited with the invention of the calculus. (See the Wikipedia article on Sir Isaac Newton for a detailed biography.)

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend every lecture. There will be no make-up test opportunity for students who miss a scheduled test. Students who miss a lecture are responsible for all information covered in that class meeting.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned for every lecture, using the features of the website that complements the required textbook for the course. The course grade is dependent on completion of all assigned homework. Late homework will not be accepted.