My colleagues, Tavishi Bhasin, Maia Hallward, Elizabeth Gordon, and I, are looking for great proposals/abstracts for a book, Aligning Teaching and Research: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Click here for a link to the Call for Proposals

Research Interests
Human Rights; International Conflict; Terrorism; Civil War; Ethnic Conflict; Religion; Democratization and Civil Society; SOTL

Recent Publications - Books
Butcher, Charity and Maia Hallward, (2021) NGOs and Human Rights: Comparing Faith-Based and Secular Approaches. Athens: University of Georgia Press.

Butcher, Charity and Maia Hallward (eds), (2020) Understanding International Conflict Management. Oxon: Routledge. Publisher's website

Butcher, Charity, (2019) The Handbook of Cross-Border Ethnic and Religious Affinities. London: Rowman and Littlefield. Publisher's website

Recent Publications - Journal Articles and Book Chapters
Bhasin, Tavishi, Charity Butcher, Elizabeth Gordon, Maia Hallward, and Rebecca LeFebvre, (forthcoming) Does Karen Wear a Mask? The Gendering of COVID-19 Masking Rhetoric, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy.

Butcher, Charity and Edwin Njonguo, (2020) Simulating Diplomacy: Learning Aid or Business as Usual?, Journal of Political Science Education. (Online First). Taylor & Francis Online

Alqatabry, Hameed and Charity Butcher, (2020) Humanitarian Aid in Yemen: Collaboration or Co-Optation?, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development. 15 (2): 250-255. Taylor & Francis Online

Butcher, Charity and Maia Hallward, (2018) Religious vs. Secular Human Rights Organizations: Discourse, Framing and Action, Journal of Human Rights. 18 (1): 81-109. Taylor & Francis Online

Armstrong, Crystal and Charity Butcher, (2018) Digital Civil Society: How Nigerian NGOs Utilize Social Media, International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society. 31 (3): 251-273. Available at Springer

Butcher, Charity and Makda Maru, (2018) Diversionary Tactics and the Ethiopia - Eritrea War (1998 - 2000). Small Wars & Insurgencies. 29 (1): 68-90. Free eprints available at Taylor & Francis

Butcher, Charity, Tavishi Bhasin, and Deniz Gumustekin, (2018) Ethnicity and Confidence in Government: The Case of Turkish-Minority Relations. Turkish Studies. 19 (1): 23-47. Free eprints available at Taylor & Francis

Butcher, Charity, (2018) Civil War and Terrorism: A Call for Further Theory Building. In Encyclopedia of Empirical International Relations Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Note: article also published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Link to article

Butcher, Charity and Maia Hallward, (2017) Bridging the Gap between Human Rights and Peace: An Analysis of NGOs and the United Nations Human Rights Council. International Studies Perspectives. 18(1): 81-109. Link to article

Pallas, Chris and Charity Butcher, (2017) Using Dating as an Analogy to Teach IR Theory, European Political Science. 16 (1): 99-112. Winner of the 2017 EPS Prize for Best Article in 2017. Link to article

Butcher, Charity, (2016) Terrorism and External Audiences: Influencing Foreign Intervention into Civil Wars, Terrorism and Political Violence. 28 (4): 774-794. Free eprints available at Taylor and Francis

Butcher, Charity and Timothy Kersey, (2015) When Winning is Really Losing: Teaching Awards and Women Political Science Faculty, PS: Political Science & Politics, 48 (1): 138-141. Link to article

Butcher, Charity, (2014) Can Oil-Reliant Countries Democratize? An Assessment of the Role of Civil Society in Algeria, Democratization, 21 (4): 722-742. Link to article

Butcher, Charity, (2012) Teaching Foreign Policy Decision-Making Processes Using Role-Playing Simulations: The Case of US-Iran Relations, International Studies Perspectives, 13 (2): 176-194. Link to article