My teaching philosophy as captured in the following article:

Astr1000K: Introduction to the Universe

  • Galileo, Kepler, the laws of motion 
  • the electromagnetic spectrum, light, luminosity, flux, distance and velocity
  • the expansion of the Universe and the Hubble law
  • Dark matter, dark energy, the Cosmic Microwave Background, exoplanets and life elsewhere in the Universe
  • The relativistic multiverse

Phys 2211: Principles of Physics IYouTube course link

  Basics of dynamics

  • motion in one and two dimensions
  • Newton’s  laws
  • work and kinetic energy

  Conservation laws

  • conservation of energy
  • conservation of linear momentum
  • conservation of angular momentum  


  • gravity
  • static equilibrium
  • waves

  Elements of modern physics

  • relativity

 Phys 2212: Principles of Physics II.        YouTube course link

 The electric field

  • Coulomb’s law                                                                             
  • Gauss’ law
  • Electric potential 

 The magnetic field

  • Biot-Savart law
  • Gauss’ and Ampere’s law
  • Induction


  • Ohm’s law
  • LC, RL and RC circuits
  • RLC circuits

 Maxwell’s equations

  • Displacement current
  • Wave equation
  • Interference, diffraction, optics

Elements of Modern Physics

  • the quantum world

Phys 3220: Electromagnetism I

Electric fields

  • Gauss' law for electric fields
  • Divergence and curl of electric field
  • Electric potential

 Magnetic fields

  • Ampere's law
  • Divergence and curl of magnetic fields
  • Magnetic induction
  • Vector potential

Electromagnetic waves

  • Displacement current
  • Magnetic monopoles
  • E and B waves

Special Relativity

  • Spacetime diagrams
  • Invariant interval
  • Relativity of simultaneity

 Phys 4210: Quantum Physics          YouTube course link

  • Double slit experiments
  • Schrodinger's Equation
  • Statistical interpretation
  • Uncertainty Principle
  • Free particle
  • Square wells
  • Harmonic oscillator
  • Hydrogen atom
  • Formalism