Biographical Sketch

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(I) Academic Preparation

University of Toronto - Physics and Mathematics - B.Sc. 1992

University of British Columbia - Physics - M.Sc. 1994

Northwestern University - Physics - Ph.D. 2004

(II) Research Appointments

2011-pres. - Assistant Professor - Kennesaw State University

2004-2011 - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Southern Methodist University

1996-2004 - Graduate Research Associate - Northwestern University

1994-1996 - Research Associate - TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada

1992-1994 - Graduate Research Assistant - University of British Columbia

(III) Professional Affiliations

BELLE experiment, KEK laboratory

BELLE II experiment, KEK laboratory

American Physical Society - Division of Particles and Fields

(IV) Previous Experimental Affiliations

ATLAS experiment, Large Hadron Collider, CERN

Fermi National Laboratory, experiment E835p

Brookhaven National Laboratory, experiment E852

ISAC and KAON projects, TRIUMF laboratory

(V) Programming Skills and Certificates

Linux administration, C++, C, Python, HTML, LaTeX, Fortran, R, Grid computing, Monte Carlo simulation

Certificates: Data Science - R Programming