Research | ASCI Lab

Research | ASCI Lab

  • Transparent Omnidirectional Locomotion Compensator or Walking Drosophila

    Transparent Omnidirectional Locomotion Compensator (TOLC)

    Overall System

    • Freely Walking Insect Tracking System (e.g., fruit fly, ants, etc.)
    • Ideal for Insect Behavior Studies
    • No motion restriction / tethering
    • Extendable for Internal Organ Imaging such as Brain / Heart

    Tracking Experiment (Fruit Fly)

  • Model Predictive Control (MPC) of Motion Compensator for Ant Tracking

    Model Predictive Control with a Freely Walking Ant

  • Magnetic Soft Millirobots

    Electromagnetic Control System


    2D Soft Millirobot

    • Polymer-based flexible swimming robot
    • Neodymium particles embedded
    • Real-time Control of 3D electromagnets
    • Various locomotions (rolling, stick-slip motion, corkscrew swimming motions)
    • Possible to use as a counter part of a live larval fish

    Corkscrew Swimming of Soft Millirobots

    High Speed Capture 1

    High Speed Capture 2

    Other Locomotions (Stick-Slip Motion)