AAPL Logo Dr. Sharma's research interests are deeply rooted in the expansive field of aerodynamics, which spans both low- and high-speed regimes, and propulsion, encompassing the intricate mechanics of both aircraft and rocket propulsion systems. His fervent exploration of these areas is significantly empowered by his expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which serves as a powerful tool to delve into the complexities of fluid behavior and interactions.

A particular focus of Dr. Sharma's investigations lies in the facinating realm of vortex flows and vortex dynamics. These mesmerizing phenomena hold a pivotal role in various contexts, from cyclonic behaviors within rocket engines to the enigmatic intricacies of vortex breakdown. Dr. Sharma aims to unravel the underlying principles of these complex flow dynamics to leverage their potential for improving propulsion systems and aerodynamic efficiency.

Moreover, Dr. Sharma's research ventures extend to the multifaceted domain of multiphase flows. This area encompasses the study of fluid dynamics involving two or more phases, such as liquid-gas interactions or the behavior of particles suspended within a fluid. His pursuits in this realm explore phenomena like energy and mass separation within cryogenic vortex tubes, where a comprehensive understanding could lead to advancements in cryogenic technologies and fluid separation techniques.

In essence, Dr. Sharma's scholarly endeavors revolve around uncovering the intricate mechanisms governing various fluid dynamics phenomena. His fascination with cyclonic behaviors, vortex breakdown, energy separation, and multiphase interactions underscores his commitment to not only unraveling the mysteries of these phenomena but also contributing to the advancement of aerospace technologies and fluid dynamics as a whole.