Current Courses:
PSYC 3010 (Educational Psychology)

Past Courses at KSU:
KSU 1101 (First-Year Seminar: General)
KSU 1200 (First-Year Seminar: Leadership)
PSYC 1101 (Introductory Psychology)
FYS 5500 (Development and Organization of First-Year Programs)
FYS 5600 (First-Year Student Success: Theory and Practice)
FYS 5400 (Cognitive Development of First-Year College Students)

Past Courses at Other Institutions:
UNIV 1102 (Learning to Learn)
EPSY 2020 (Learning and Development in Education)
ERSH 4200E/6200E (Research Methods in Education)
EPSY 4801 (Cognitive Foundations for Education)
EPSY 6010 and 6010E (Human Development)
EPSY 6060 and 6060E (Motivation)
EPSY 6800 and 6800E (Cognition)
EPSY 7110E (Characteristics of Gifted Learners)
EPSY 3010 (Child and Adolescent Development)
PSYC 1101 (Introduction to Psychology)
PSYC 2070 (Human Sexuality)
EDF 4210 (Educational Psychology)
EDP 5275 (Life-Span Human Development)