Some philosophies and advice within both my academia career and industry career that I stride to live by and share: 


Statement 1: When stuck on a problem seek out the answer from 3 persons. Ask the inqury to:

  • A peer - same level of knowlege, maybe a student, maybe in a different industry
  • A seasoned profesional - Could be a manager in the industry or someone who has spent most of their career in the industry you have the inquiry. 
  • A seasoned academic - Could be a professor or phd/doctorate of the industry of the inquiry. 

From there, views will vary but if the same principle are the same, then  your answer is somewhere in there.  


Statement 2: Always be a forever learner, always be a forever teacher

  • The more you teach the practice the more you learn studies have shown. You are always refreshing knowlege and developing your communication skills. What you learn in industry bring it to academia, what you bring from academia bring to industry. The constant share of knowlege helps you retain the knowlege better each time. Additionally the more you learn the more you grow, the more successful a practicioner you are in your craft. 
  • Additionally share knowlege is an infosec core value, share knowlege and mentor others as you were once taught and mentored. 


Statement 3: Seek strengths, seek weak points and leverage them 

  • When leading a team, always seek out everyones individual strengths and weakness on your team, even if it is for the same role. Place your people in places where their strengths succeed the most and where they have a sense of purpose and pride in their work to shine, place their weak points with someone stronger in that area. When they succeed continue recyling the process. Combining everyones strengths and idenifying weak points to grow, not exploit them, is how you make an effective team.