I enjoy disassembling what we know into bits, putting the bits into a logical order, and helping learners build their understanding through effective communication. Due to my experience with scientific writing and editing, I am also adept at coaching learners to impart their knowledge in verbal or written formats. 

Courses Taught at KSU:
Genetics                                                Genetics Lab
Cell Biology
Biological Principles Lab I
Other Biology Majors Courses Taught:
Foundations of Biology                         Gateway to Molecular Biology Lab
Genetics                                                Genetics Lab
Cell Physiology                                      Cell Physiology Lab
Cell Biology                                           Biological Principles Lab
Other Non-majors Courses Taught:
Natural Science
Introduction to Human Physiology          Introduction to Human Physiology Lab
Human Anatomy and Physiology I          Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Introduction to Biological Chemistry       Introduction to Biological Chemistry Lab