Jonathan McMurry

Photo of Jonathan McMurryI am a Professor of Biochemistry recovering from several administrative postings (but feeling much better now, thank you!), presently trying to relearn bench skills but mostly annoying my research students with my "where is X?" and "how do you do Y?" questions. A lab rat at heart, I maintain an active research program, delighting not only in the pursuit of discovery, but also in helping to recruit and train the next generation of scientists. If I can be of service to you in any of these areas or if you're looking for a squash partner - I'm a 4.0 player (4.5ish on a good day!), please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are introducing me or want to know more about the minutiae of my record, here's a CV. I spend my spare time as arm candy/trophy husband to a spectacular wife, doing my best to raise three amazing kids to be above average in everything, recovering from athletic injuries no one my age should still be sustaining, brewing beer, playing really nerdy strategy board games and reading Moon Knight comic books with my youngest - we give the Disney+ Moon Knight show two thumbs up!!!

College of Science and Mathematics

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology