Courses I teach...

Current Semester:

Linear Regression Analysis QA6613

Quality Management Systems  QA6650


Courses Taught:

Quality Graduate Courses

QA6600: Methods of Analysis

QA6610: Statistics for Quality Assurance

QA6611: Statistical Process Control

QA6615: Reliability

QA6650: Quality Management Systems

QA7403: Graduate Seminar

QA 7503: Graduate Special Projects


Systems Engineering Graduate Courses

SyE6020: Systems Architecture

SyE6015: Systems Design

SyE6050: Reliability and Sustainability


Industrial Engineering Technology Courses

IET4405: Introduction to Operations Research

IET 3403: Industrial Statistics

HNRS3301: Honors Product Design and Development


Other Courses

College Algebra and Pre-Calculus, Engineering Thermodynamics