UTA Opportunities

Each semester, Dr. Smith considers Psychology majors who wish to serve as undergraduate teaching assistants for her courses.  Students can be a volunteer UTA or serve as a UTA for course credit.  Regardless of whether you have had Dr. Smith as an instructor, you can apply to become a UTA for any class that you successfully completed.  Please note that it is a competitive process with a GPA requirement and course prerequisites.   Interested students should review the requirements on the Psychological Science website (link provided below).

To receive course credit, you must enroll in the course.  This is generally not an issue for Spring and Fall semesters, however it can be for the summer semester, when students pay per credit hour.  

Depending on the course, UTA's will have duties such as: taking attendance, responding to student emails, leading a class lecture/activity, grading assignments, and maintaining the D2L grade "book".  On an individual level, I will discuss opportunities to develop desired areas of experience by incorporating those experiences into your duties (e.g. leadership, communication, item-analysis, presentation skills, etc.).

If your schedule will not allow you to meet all of the duties for the UTA credit or you do not wish to pay for course credit for a summer course, you may wish to be a Volunteer UTA. While a volunteer position will not give you course credit, it can afford you resume experience, which is important. Volunteer UTA's for one semester, can apply to be a UTA for course credit for a subsequent semester.   

More information about UTA's can be found https://radow.kennesaw.edu/psychscience/resources/general.php.  Below you will find links to the applications.  If you have any questions about my specific opportunities, let me know.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Application

Volunteer Teaching Assistant Application