I am interested in alternative energies as well as embedded systems.  For example, I completed a project to utilize solar energy for charging electric bikes and/or scooters especially for the disabled in 2007-2008.  In addition, I have been interested in researching the best means for micro-turbines in generating hydroelectric power.

More recently, I have been researching in the area of applying Signals and Systems to acoustics.   Work has been done and is ongoing for a studio I designed for a concert grand piano with some recordings listed below.  Acoustics research is also being done in the confines of a completely closed racquetball court with hopes of predicting the location dyanmically of fast moving objects such as the 57 mm rubber ball with often reaches or exceeds speeds of 153 mph.

The racquetball interests is also lent itself to taking KSU to both UGA and Georgia Tech for a club sport scrimmage where we were victorious both times. Of particular interest is that the professional photo taken by SPSU below and placed on brochures and websites, happened to be plagarized by another university and placed in their website for a season.