Lance Crimm


Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

 The courses I teach are listed in D2L and highlighted on the left tab.

My research most recently has been in synergizing the area of Embedded Systems along with Signals and Systems by applying each to acoustics. Work has been done and is ongoing for a studio I designed to house a concert grand piano with some sample recordings listed below. The acoustical data recorded is being analyzed for a forthcoming paper.

Additional acoustics research is also being conducted in the confines of a completely closed racquetball court with hopes of predicting the location dynamically of fast moving objects such as the 57 mm rubber ball with often reaches or exceeds speeds of 153 mph.  This research has far reaching applications if the anticipated results prove fruitful.

Piano compositions and evolution of acoustical improvements:

"Waterfalling" is here entitled which was recorded in 2015 from a "control" room of sorts where there was not an effort to make any acoustical design.   Other composition created at this location are Hiding Place and ConSOLIDdation Blues.  

Here is a live video from the 2015 "control" room done in 2016 with Chariots of Fire with poor acoustics and recording volume to test.  Here is a another final one in 2016... My Tribute! 

2017-2018 recordings in test location #2 need to be inserted here:

And here is the latest update from April 14th's, 2019 finale to the Game of Thrones from a fresh tuning of the same concert grand YET in the specifically designed studio where acoustical data is currently being anaylzed along with the Rains of Castamere in 4K!

Electric Bicycle Project  (2008 SPSU Teacher of the Year campus presentation)