Linh Le

I am Linh Le, currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology. I started working in KSU after I got my Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science from Kennesaw State University in 2019. I also got a M.S. in Information System from Marshall University (2015) and an Engineer (a five-year degree) in Information Technology from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (2013). 

My research focuses on various aspects of data analytics, deep learning, and machine learning.  Particularly, I have two main directions: 1) designing and developing core deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, and 2) specialized DL/AI frameworks for specific tasks in critical application domains such as next generation networks, education, and transformative industrial applications. I have had publications in peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and multiple conference proceedings, most notably, IEEE Transactions, Neurocomputing Journal, and IEEE International Conference on Big Data. I have also directed multiple industry-sponsored research labs with clients including Cognira, Alcon, Equifax, Blue Ridge Global, and Kimberly Clark. Finally, I hold a US patent on dual deep learning system for information retrieval.

I teach mostly data-related classes such as database administration, advance database, big data system administration, practical data analytics, business intelligence, enterprise AI applications, and cloud analytics technologies. Besides that, I occasionally teach programming classes like programming principles and software design and development. Finally, I sponsored several Capstone project teams every year in topics centered around data analytics and AI.