Spring 2024:

MATH 3260 sec. 51 & 52


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Previously Taught Courses:

Math 1111 College Algebra,

Math 1112 College Trigonometry,

Math 1113 Pre-Calculus,

Math 1190, 2202, 2255 Calculus I, II, and III, 

Math 2253H, 2254H Honors Calculus I and II

Math 2335 Numerical Methods I (Now called Num. Meth. for Engineers)

Math 2306 Ordinary Differential Equations

Math 3260 Linear Algebra I,

Math 3310 Introduction to Advance Mathematics

Math 3256 Calculus with Linear Algebra (no longer offered)

Math 4406 Differential Equations II

Math 4417 Functions of a Complex Variable

Math 4451 Mathematics Capstone