Lake Ritter

Welcome to my home page. I am an associate professor of Mathematics. I completed my PhD in Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University in 2003 under the advisement of Vladimir Volpert and Ed Olmstead. My professional preparation continued with a (VIGRE) postdoctoral fellowship at Texas A&M University where I had the privilege of working with Jay Walton in the Dept. of Mathematics. In 2006, I joined the mathematics faculty here at Kennesaw State (Southern Polytechnic at that time). 

Interested parties can find some information about my scholarship by selecting the Research tab on the left. Students can find course information and resources under the Courses and Syllabi tabs. My current course pages are also linked below.   

Spring 2024 Courses:

MATH 3260 sec. 51 & 52   

Dr. Ritter


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MAA SE 2024

MATH 3260 sec 60/61 April 4, 2024

April 2, 2024 (3260 60/61)

April 16, 2024 (2306 56)