Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research in developmental neurobiology

Are you majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry and are genuinely interested in a career in the sciences?

Are you motivated to learn about developmental neurobiology?

Are willing to make an 18-24 month commitment to doing bench research in my lab?

If so, send me a copy of your CV and a cover letter outlining your motivation and I will consider your application. Note that space is very limited, so I may refer your application to other PIs at KSU.

Master of Science in Integrative Biology

Kennesaw State University offers a MS degree in Integrative Biology. If you are interested in joining the program, see here for further details. If you are interested in joining my lab as an MSIB student, contact me directly to discuss possible research projects.

High school internships

The Hudson lab occasionally hosts high school students for internships. Please contact me directly for more details.