Dr. Max North

Professor of Information Systems :: 
Founder and Director of Immersive Visualization Environments Research Cluster

 max north

Dr. Max North is a tenured Professor of Information Systems in the Coles College of Business. He has been teaching, conducting research and providing community service for Information Systems & Security department at higher education institutions for more than twenty years. He holds an associate degree in Accounting, a bachelor's degree in Economic Management, a master's degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Management Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Psychology with concentration in Cognitive and Behavior Sciences/Human-Computer Interaction. Dr. North has been successfully involved in the research of Human-Computer Interaction/Interface; Information Security and Ethics Awareness; and Virtual Reality Technology. Dr. North is the founder and director of Immersive Visualization Environments Research Cluster. Additionally, Dr. North has several published books, book chapters, and a number of technical referred scholarly articles. He has served as principal/co-principal investigator on a number of research grants sponsored by the Boeing Company, the U.S. Army Research Office/Laboratory, and the National Security Agency. Dr. North's major contribution to the scientific community is his discovery and continuous research activities in the innovative area of virtual reality technology, which has received international attention and coverage in the scientific community and popular media.