Nicole Martin

Nicole and Millie

Dr. Nicole Martin earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from The University of New Mexico with a specialty in Developmental Psychology. She has a second masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from Golden Gate University, and is an alumna of Millis College. Prior to moving to Atlanta, she taught at Hilbert College in Buffalo, NY.

Dr. Martin joined the KSU faculty in 2011.  Her research interests include infant emotional development, the ontogeny of social referencing in infancy, post-adoption depression in mothers adopting children internationally, and gender and sexual development in children.  She has presented her research at several international and national conferences. Dr. Martin teaches the following courses: Developmental Psychology, Human Sexuality, Research Methods and Statistics, Child Psychopathology, Senior Seminar, Gender, Infancy, and Adolescent Development.  She is particularly interested in understanding these areas from a cross-cultural and family systems focus.

Dr. Martin runs an infant studies laboratory, which provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain research experience with infants.