Research Interests: 

  • Infant emotional development
  • Adjustment to parenthood via adoption
  • Parent-child interaction

Sample Publications: 

Martin, N., Rosenhauer, A., & Greco, M.G. (2016). Maternal marital satisfaction during the 

            first six months following international adoption. British Journal of Adoption and 

            Fostering. 40.4, 362-377.

Martin, N., Maza, L., McGrath, S., & Phelps, A. (2014). An examination of referential and 

            affect specificity with five emotions in infancy. Infant Behavior and Development, 

            37(3), 286–297.  


Sample Presentations: 

Turner, G., Peterson, K., Bodenhamer, M., Powanda, S., Sheibani, S. & Martin, N., 

            (2018). A connection between object understanding, social referencing, and object 

            permanence in one-year-olds. Poster presented at the annual meetings of The 

            Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, CA. 

Martin, N., Pollard, K., Greco, M G., Bell, H., Williams, J., & Livesay, A. (2016). Social 

            referencing objects not in the room: A connection to object permanence.  Poster 

            presented at the Society for Research in Human Development (SRHD) Biennial 

            Meeting, Denver, CO.