BIOL 2261

BIOL 2261-Fundamental Microbiology


Catalog Description: BIOL 226; Fundamental Microbiology

Course Requirement and Prerequisite

C or better grade in BIOL 2221/2221L. Basic principles and techniques of microbiology including the various types of microbes, their morphology, metabolic processes and their relationships to humans; basic microbiology laboratory principles emphasizing fundamental isolation, identification, and culture techniques. Primarily for nursing majors. Cannot be used for credit toward a degree in Biology. You must have completed 2221 and 2221 Lab with a “C” or higher or you will be dropped from the course.  Biology 2261 is a microbiology course primarily for nursing majors. This course cannot be used to satisfy the general education science requirement, nor can it be applied towards degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology or Biochemistry.

  • Chapters
    • Chapter 1:   Introduction to the world of Microbes
    • Chapter 2:   Medthods of Studying Microbes
    • Chapter 3:   Prokaryotes
    • Chapter 4:   Eukaryotes
    • Chapter 5:   Viruses
    • Chapter 9:   Control of Microbes
    • Chapter 10: Antimicrobial compounds 
    • Chapter 11: Host-Microbe Interaction
    • Chapter 12: Immunology
    • Chapter 13: Immunology
    • Chapter 14: Immunology
    • Chapter 15: Diagnostic Microbiology
    • Chapter 16: Diseases of the Skin and Eyes
    • Chapter 17: Diseases of Nervous System
    • Chapter 18: Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic ystem
    • Chapter 19: Diseases of the Respiratory System
    • Chapter 20: Diseases of Genitourinary System
  • Quizzes and Exams
    • Sample Questions for Exams and Quizzes will be posted on D2L

  • Labs
    • Contact your respective Graduate Assistant or Assigned Instructor for detail of labs in your section