Premila Achar

Assoc Professor of Biotechnology

Campus Co-director/Director of  KSU/NSF/LSAMP (2012-2015) and KSU/Georgia Space Consortium (2012-current) grants

President IFSA (2013-2015)

Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology

Achar PN


Dr Achar joined KSU in 2004 and  teaches several courses, mainly, Introduction to Biotechnology, Microbiology and Mycology. At the University of Durban Westville, S. Africa, she supervised several masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral students in the fields of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with specific focus on host-pathogen interactions. Her current research focuses on molecular characterization of aflatoxin in peanuts and gene manipulation to develop transgenic peanuts.  She served as the Co director/Director (2012-2015) and research coordinator (2014) of the NSF/LSAMP and NASA/Georgia Space Consortiun Grants (2014-to date) at KSU.  Through these two grants, students have benefited immensely by receiving stipends for getting involved in Research, Academic Enrichment, Community Outreach and Leadership activities. 

As a Director of the Study Abroad Program, Global Biotechnology, India and France, since 2005,   KSU students get a excellent opportunity to step outside of the ordinary, experience global travelling, live abroad, and receive a unique educational experience, in a foreign country.

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