Kennesaw State University

MUSI 3121 Music Theory III (Fall 2022)
MUSI 3122 Music Theory IV (Spring 2023)
MUSI 3398 Internship (Spring 2024)
MUSI 4420 Counterpoint (Fall 2021)

Red Deer College, Conservatory of Music


Mahidol University, College of Music

Trombone Performance

MSAP 121, Major Performance I (Trombone)
MSAP 122, Major Performance II (Trombone)
MSAP 221, Major Performance III (Trombone)
MSAP 222, Major Performance IV (Trombone)
MSAP 141, Small Ensemble I/MSAP 241, Small Ensemble III (Trombone Choir)

Music Theory

MSMS 082, Orchestration
MSTC 111, Western Music Theory I
MSTC 112, Western Music Theory II
MSTC 211, Western Music Theory III
MSTC 212, Western Music Theory IV
MSTC 221 Ear Training III
MSMS 510, Analytic Music Theory
MSTC 514, Music Theory Pedagogy I

Music Education and Graduate Research Methodologies

MSED 501, Philosophy in Music Education
MSED 502, Curriculum Inquiry in Music Education
MSMS 501, Music Research Methodology
MSMS 502, Music Research Seminar I
MSMS 590, Music Research Methodology
MSMS 604, Seminar in Music Technology
MSMS 702, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Approaches in Music Research

Oberlin College Conservatory

MUTH 101, Aural Skills I
MUTH 102, Aural Skills II
MUTH 201, Aural Skills III

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Music 114, Aural Skills I
Music 115, Aural Skills II
Music 214, Aural Skills III
Music 215, Aural Skills IV
Music 312, Theory V

University of Miami Frost School of Music

MSIP Trombone 1
Music Theory I
Music Theory 2
Aural Skills 1
Aural Skills 2
Aural Skills 3

University of Missouri-Columbia

Studio Instruction for Non-Majors (Trombone)
MUS 146, Low Brass Methods

Canadian Armed Forces School of Administration and Logistics

Qualification Level 3 Music Theory (Private)
Qualification Level 3 Aural Skills (Private)
Qualification Level 4 Music Theory (Corporal)
Qualification Level 4 Aural Skills (Corporal)
Qualification Level 6A Music Theory (Sergeant)
Qualification Level 6A Aural Skills (Sergeant)
Qualification Level 6B Music Theory (Warrant Officer)
Qualification Level 6B Aural Skills (Warrant Officer)